Traditional programs of Thai massage

Massage "Thai Fairy Tale"

Lasting- 1 hour/2 hours

Price - 1300 rubles/2600 rubles

Traditional Thai massage of a body (yoga-massage). The main method - pressing by fingers, arms, forearms, elbows and knees. Body gets intensive physical load like fitness. You'll get the deep relaxation and the feeling of vitality.


Massage "Silk Way"

Lasting - 30 min/1 hour
Price - 650 rubles/1300 rubles

The great program for  relaxing, unlocking nerve knots and improvement circulation. The massagist affects on the biologic-active parts of  foot. There are the reflexing areas on the feet, which are connected with all  organs.

Massage "Spring of  Energy"

Lasting - 1 hour/2 hours
Price - 1600 rubles/ 3200 rubles

Combination of traditional Thai massage and massage by small pouches with collection of Thai herbs. The hot herbal small pouches are a traditional instrument for Thai massage.They consist of the mountain ginger, curcuma, Kaffir lime, patchouli, camphor and other meditional plants. This massage aids to increase blood flood, drench the tissues and organs with oxygen.


Aroma-massage "Thai Silk"

Lasting - 1 hour/2 hours
Price - 1600 rubles/ 3200 rubles

Gentle relaxing massage of body with nature oils, based on the extracts of tropical plants and fruit is a combination of the meditional massage, aromatherapy and care of your skin.

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